90 days to change the way you date forever

Find the person you didn’t know you were looking for

Make life changing connections by understanding who, and what you’re looking for, like never before.

The Season is the first dating app that helps you make meaningful connections by guiding you on a journey to find what meaningful means to you.

Find the one you’re really looking for

Not just a dating app, a whole new dating approach

Experience dating with you in control. We’ll guide you through a 90 day journey of mindful learning and thinking that will teach you more about what you like, and don’t like. Make you think about what excites and scares you. What you can compromise on, and what’s a dealbreaker.

Over 90 days we work out who to match you with and how we can help you make the most of the connections you’ve made.

We’ll ask you questions about what relationships mean to you, what has worked and not worked in the past, to help you narrow your focus towards finding someone that has the potential to change your life.

90 questions to change your life

Your first Season lasts 90 days. Each day we’ll ask you a guiding question or prompt. We’ll use this information to not only help you match with better and better people during your Season, but help you date them intelligently too.

Don’t swipe through 1000’s of profiles, we’ll just send you a few highlights each day. We’ll choose these people based on your answers to our questions, and over the 90 days we’ll narrow in on exactly means ‘amazing’ for you.

Our work doesn’t stop at just connecting you. We’ll use what we learned together in your first Season to check in regularly as you get to know each other. Asking how it’s going, giving advice and nudges, and celebrating as your relationship flourishes.